NEW for '22

 I'm writing to INSPIRE

readers who are navigating the changes

of loss and grief, transitions,

and themes of healing and growth.

I've had many years of personal experience

of losing loved ones (as well as people I worked with

in the elder care community). I'm sharing my experiences  

and how I've learned to

get past the heaviness of grief

to find joy beyond suffering.

Watch for my videos

and blogs this year

with TIPS to try

for positive change.

Also ... NEW!

I'm having fun

writing stories for young readers aged 10 & under.

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Blog Posts

Excerpts from my Writing

 A partial excerpt from my Poem,

Open to Change:

I can show you

where the path is,

but cannot walk it for you.


Open to change,

you can step ahead

and discover places

worthy of your journey.


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"we cannot become what we want to be
by remaining what we are."
                                   -Max DePree

An excerpt from my


Leaving grief behind is no simple task. I find that small changes can be dramatic. Like looking at photos of us and having a cry for what we had that was lost.

Taking time to feel the loss, to experience the emotions that surface, sets forth a magical process that clears a lot of the negativity. It's not something that can be observed in a day, but happens gradually, like

the unfolding of

a beautiful flower bud.

I didn't see all the progress I was making at the time, but I get to enjoy the bounty of my transformation. I call this grace. What a beautiful gift grace is; it brought me peace, acceptance, and joy beyond the suffering of such a devastating loss.

After a while, it got easier to talk about him without getting choked up or crying, and I'm able to find comfort in sharing stories of heartache and hope with kindred spirits.

         Author Janet Polech

NEW! ... writing in 2022

watch for my new STORIES and VIDEOS to INSPIRE others toward healing after grief

and loss.   Here's why:

I lost my beloved spouse to melanoma several years ago, and have been writing about my experiences and how I was able to bounce back from grief into joy and begin life anew.

I want to share my experiences to help others move forward in their lives by offering videos and publishing stories based on my experiences with overcoming grief.

I'll offer tips for new ways to move toward a new enjoyment of Life!

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