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Window at Hendricks

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White Roses. B&W

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Lincoln at Memorial


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Crouse College at Syracuse University

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Urban Twinkle Lights

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About the Photographer

Hello, I'm Janet, and this site is a small collection of my photographs and design inspirations that I have developed to share in my

online shop.​

My personal experiences with photography started in the '60s, with a Kodak Instamatic camera that required flashcubes for indoor shots. 

I got formal hands-on training as a college student, with Photography being a part of my StudioArt major.

 I learned all aspects of composition, focus, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, location, wide-angle, zoom, and so on with an all-manual Pentax K1000. As a student I developed my own film in a Darkroom, and was always amazed when the image magically appeared!

With new technology that led to digital photography, I started with a Minolta point & shoot, then a cross-over Olympus digital zoom.

In 2015 I bought my first CANON DSLR and have taken thousands of photos and utilize several different lenses to capture just the right shot.

in 2017 I launched InspirePRINTS to incorporate my love of beauty and photography skills to create products that can help you to transform your outlook by creating an atmosphere that is pleasant and reflective of your personal taste through my variety of photographs.

I will help you create an atmosphere that evokes more energy, motivation, happiness and confidence.

Trust the Process

Janet, Founder of InspirePRINTS,

Photographer, Designer

My photos of Nature, landscape and architecture are inspired by places I've visited for recreation and travel.  I appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of urban architecture and sculpture.


Of course, the creative force of Nature provides an endless supply of subject matter, and I incorporate water and botanicals as thematic elements, as they provide a calming, restorative effect and are symbolic of the abundance and flow in our environment.

Being Creative, Spiritual, and Humanitarian, I'm inspired by learning, truth, beauty, and sharing ideas and connections with others.

I'm happy to share my images here for

use as

interior decor

and sending support, love and recognition with a

greeting card.                          Janet

  If you're looking for decor to beautify your space, an inspiration that motivates you to stay positive, or something new to focus on, you can find something here that may help to find your secret to success!

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Janet Polech    Inspireprints

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EMAIL:   janetpolech@inspiredprints.net

PHONE: (315) 860-0503



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