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Welcome, 2023! As we transition our platform to now include writing as a focus, right now its only blog posts... but ... the plan is to publish a series of Children's books for early readers. Stay tuned for publication dates and in-person readings!

Beyond that, 2023 may be the year to get a collection of essays together from my WIP and publish for the non-fiction, self-help reader who needs some inspiration to keep moving forward. Don't we all sometimes?


We've added a letter to our name, and now we're known as Inspiredprints, to maintain consistency with our domain name and reflect the expanded nature of our offerings.

(not just photo prints but now writing in print form too).

I'm excited to start offering

Content Writing

to inspire change, and articles are now being published monthly and quarterly in newsletters local to the Syracuse, NY region.

"Accepting change to move forward"

is the over-arching theme,

and is especially directed at people trying to transition through difficult times of their life, making new choices and connections to

move beyond grief & loss.

I'll continue releasing short videos and writings about my experiences of making changes and finding ways of moving forward to inspire others toward a life beyond suffering.

I've taken several writing classes over the past few years, and have been gradually working on writing about my experiences with the death of my spouse, and how I grieved and learned to cope afterward. My life eventually changed for the better, by intentionally focusing forward and being open to change to be happy again and being of service to others.



We still offer

Photo Sessions

at your site

or ours!


For Business Clients -


Product photos



We can travel to your location and set up our backgrounds and lighting to save you valuable time!



Together we'll create lasting impressions!


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We can help you connect with others to make them feel




by simply sending a card. 

Check out our

Greeting Cards


support and inspire!

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