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What's Up at Inspiredprints?

Welcome!     Our platform now includes writing as a focus, and now you can be inspired by reading

the latest blog posts,

an occasional poem,

excerpts from my work-in-progress,

and NEW :

a plan to publish the first Children's book for

early readers, aged 7-10. 

Here's a clue: it's based on a 5th grader, 

"Lefty Lucy - A left-handed girl in a right-handed world."

Watch for the book launch in 2024!

Stay tuned for publication dates and in-person readings for the first book in a series of three.

About Me.

I'm excited to be able to offer Content Writing to inspire change, and accepting change in order to move forward is the over-arching theme behind much of my writing. I lost my spouse ten years ago, and had to find a way to create a new life for myself, an unexpected change at mid-life.

I've taken several writing courses over the past few years at the Downtown Writer's Center (DWC) and at OASIS in Syracuse, NY, with some terrific writing instructors! Consequently, I've been gradually working on writing about my experiences with the death of my spouse and how I grieved and learned to cope afterward. Due to the trials I faced, and the choices I made as a result, my work-in-progress and much of my content writing is for people trying to transition through difficult times of their life. Having to make new choices and connections to keep moving forward beyond loss and grief and other challenging times. My life eventually changed for the better by intentionally focusing forward, being open to change to be happy again, and being of service to others. It is possible to bounce back from grief and despair and be happy!

My articles are now being published monthly and quarterly in newsletters and papers local to the Syracuse, NY region. Beyond that, I'm creating a collection of essays from my WIP with the intent to publish for the non-fiction lover and self-help reader who needs some inspiration to keep moving forward. Don't we all sometimes?

But first - a book launch in 2024 for my first Children's Chapter book in a series:

Meet Lefty Lucy: A left-handed girl in a right-handed world. Ten-year-old Lucy runs into some problems just because she is left-handed, but she is smart and becomes quite good at solving all sorts of problems that crop up at school, and also including while she's looking after her younger siblings at home. Writing and following the characters as they develop has been so much fun!

I'm excited about this one! I chose to write for early readers who can read with comprehension to inspire a love of reading and connection with fictional characters as they grow up. Some main themes will explore the importance of acceptance, connection with friends and family, encouragement, problem-solving, and growing pains that can be milestones in a child's life—and fun, of course!

I studied Photography & Graphic Design during my college days, so I'm also a Photographer, shooting mostly for business clients, headshots, products, groups, and pets.

The Greeting Cards and Event Photography are no longer available at this time.

Thank you for visiting - I'm happy you're here!        Janet Polech

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