Our  Story



Our Mission:

To provide beauty and inspiration and

to create

lasting impressions

 through imagery, photography

and design.



 Many of my photographs are inspired by the beauty of Nature.

Living in upstate NY,

I see an abundance of natural beauty during

our four seasons.

It's important to me to capture some of those images to have on my walls so I can escape again and again, even when I can't go outside to enjoy it.

Several years ago, as  a student of photography at a SUNY university, I was formally trained in photography with a Pentax K1000 all-manual SLR camera, and developed my own prints in a darkroom

during the film days.

 I was fascinated when the image appeared on a blank page - it was

always new magic!


Now it's all digital, and I shoot with a Canon DSLR using Adobe Creative Cloud software for post-processing. This is an ongoing learning process that makes creativity limitless!  




An InspirePRINT is

an image created by photography

and design

for interior decor

to enhance your 

home or office spaces.

I want to help you to transform



 into spaces where you enjoy spending time!


Whether you'd like a

dynamic or

more of a relaxing setting,

you can create a positive, authentic environment

with my photos of Nature, architecture, sports and travel.  


    Transform your space

to experience







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email: janetpolech@inspiredprints.net

USPS: 8417 Oswego Road #214

            Baldwinsville, NY 13027