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5 Quick & Easy Ways to Save CA$H

Who doesn't want more piles of cash growing to spend on a night out or a vacation?

1 Save all the 5's that you get in change. Stash away in a separate envelope so you're not tempted to spend. These add up fast! I use these when traveling.

2 Save a $1 bill every day. Again, stash in a separate envelope to keep 'em out of circulation. You'll have an extra $10 in no time! I dip into these a couple times a month when I go out with friends. It pays for a tip for dinner, the Uber driver, a drink at Happy Hour ...

3 Don't buy losing lottery tickets. Enough said.

4 Eat less meat. It's expensive. Try making or ordering an easy soup, like Greens & Beans, or an omelet with veggies instead. Both have lots of protein and cost about $1 per serving. Ka-Ching!

5 Limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage while out socializing. Savor it, you'll enjoy it more and save money too.

Once you get into the routine of this, it'll become second nature. Try a couple this week, you'll be happy when you see your piles of cash growing!

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