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Reflecting for Change during the Covid19 Pandemic

May is full of blooms and hope ...

May is a month that bursts with new life, full of possibility and eager expectation. Along with the beautiful blooms on trees and flowers, comes hope and thoughts of many brighter days ahead. Planting a seed or a tree is planning an outcome, an intention - Hope for growth. Results.

Ideas are the same way. We think about what we’d like to have, then figuratively plant a seed, with more thoughts about it, and we take action toward that intention. That’s how we get what we want. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, that’s more like the blueprint. The building of it comes in the form of a process, a progression, that takes time and effort. And collaboration with others. It can be complicated and time consuming. Although sometimes things happen quickly, without much effort. New people show up in your life, and it’s just right! And progress happens fast.

But the Covid19 Pandemic has created a mass crisis. We’re being forced to reflect and evaluate what we have, what we need and what we’re doing. We see our habits more consciously, and what we need to do or get in order to maintain them. Or to decide to let them go. To reflect on what is or isn’t important in life. You get to decide.

It never occurred to me, not even one time, that a supply of toilet paper would become scarce. But that happened very quickly, in a matter of days, not weeks. Just last week, TP had more perceived value than oil. Didn’t see that coming! This is what makes the stock market such a gamble. Supply and demand. Too much oil - more than could be stored - was being dumped; and the same with milk. Not enough toilet paper - this went on for several weeks, even online it was sold out.

So, we are stuck inside, in forced isolation by government mandate, and we reflect on our lives. We analyze, gain new insights, and make decisions about what we prefer. We reflect on what we have, whether it’s people, a thing, or an opportunity. We realize that we may need to find new ways of appreciating things. Especially people that we are now forced to spend most of our time with. And for some of us, that is just ourselves. It’s a time to work on self-acceptance, which may involve realizing limitations, and being all right with it. There is no such thing as perfection.

But for most people, sharing a living space with others is how we live. When too much togetherness and not enough time alone gets on your last nerve, it’s an opportunity that can lead to personal growth. And it develops character to challenge yourself to find ways to see things positively and with acceptance and appreciation when circumstances aren’t just how you’d like them to be. Remember the good feelings at Thanksgiving, when you are filled with appreciation? It’s not just about a feast. It’s about gratitude for life, and for who and what is in it. I think we’ll all remember after the pandemic is over - how quickly things can change, and that being grateful for what and who is in your life now can help you feel better. They will not always be there, but we have chosen them, and they have chosen us.

And there are alternatives to consider. One is to decide to let some things go, when you have the opportunity to arrange that. Allow yourself to quit things that aren’t serving you well. Ditch a bad habit or a person you don’t want to be tied to anymore. You’ve had time to contemplate things over these past several weeks, and may have thought of a better way of moving forward once we get the OK to get out and live our lives in freedom again.

Some things can rob you of time and energy. You end up spread too thin, and resentment can creep in. And that’s a bad thing that will have a negative affect on your mind, body, and spirit. Like the pants you bought five years ago, they may not be a good fit anymore; even good intentions can change over time, and certain people or activities will be something you will NOT want to continue to be involved with, or prioritize time for. And that is all right. You get to decide. When you’re ready, you can let go. It will make space for what you do want. Relief from the old, something new to focus on, an end to frustration, better feelings. Serenity Now! ... and later.

Written by Janet Polech

Founder of Inspireprints

May 1, 2020

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1 Comment

Gail Swinburne
Gail Swinburne
Jan 21, 2022

I really enjoyed reading all your choices moving forward. Trials and tribulations!! Hope to see you soon, or text me. I'm hoping to pick up some of your cards soon.

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