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Resources, Conservation, Growth on Earth Day and beyond.

It's Earth Day again, a day we collectively focus on our earth home, our resources, growth, and conservation. A broad topic making headlines lately is the exploitation and diminishment of our resources due to over-population of our planet. Of course, we didn't get to choose whether to be born, but we arrived anyway. It seems that every generation has some heavy issues to deal with, and currently global warming and tons of garbage in our oceans are feared because of the potential harm to human survival associated with those topics.

It's obvious how quickly things can be consumed and how the garbage piles up afterward when we attend a big event where thousands of people show up. Prices of food, drink, seating, souvenirs are typically high in those situations, as are lines for the restroom!

Each of us can do our part to be mindful of conserving resources so there will be plenty for everyone else and ourselves well into the future. Nature provides abundantly, although things are not distributed equally to each member of society. You need to do what you have to in order to provide for yourself and any dependents, and there are ways to DIY at home, even if you have limited space.



RECYCLE plastic containers w/lids you get at the grocery store when you buy salads, prepared fresh foods, etc, by washing and using as a MINI-GREENHOUSE to start your own seeds and grow your own food. Just add soil, seeds, and keep watered, remove the lid after sprouts appear. Start on your countertop and move outdoors when it's warm enough. Bonus: it saves time and conserves gas when you have your own produce growing at home.

Other Tips:

  1. Use a small fan near sprouted seedlings to prevent mildew.

  2. Plant the bottoms of green onions and heads of lettuce that you have bought with some roots still intact. They will grow and soon your supply will be replenished like magic!

  3. Be patient. Sometimes things don’t progress as planned.

  4. ”Like a gardener planting seeds, your dreams require patience and care in order to grow strong.” Good luck!


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