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Transformation is a process that begins when you are ready for a change.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It's March, the first month in the new year that displays the earliest of changing seasons. People who live in colder climates look forward to the coming of Spring with eagerness; the warmer air, fresh flower blooms, greener grass and bluer skies that are ushered forth as winter is bid "good riddance".

Even if it still feels cold outside, there is a fresh promise of better days ahead. Signs of Spring are everywhere. Birds are chirping and migrating back to their summer homes. Kids that have been out of sight all winter are back outside playing ball, riding bikes and playing with friends. The daylight stays out longer and longer, and we feel like staying outside longer because of it. Everything looks different in the light; it seems that there is more to see, more to reach for, more to gain. There are signs of renewal and growth everywhere. We are all a part of this, and feel inspired by Nature's plan of forward movement.

It's a fresh start, fresher even than the resolutions of the new year, that were ideas for the future to bring to fruition. Now that Spring is just about here, we're gaining more energy to move forward with our intentions. We are suddenly ready to launch whatever it was we were planning to do this year, the time seems right, it's the season of new beginnings. It's time to leave the past behind, with the winter snow, let it melt into memory as we discover new interests and opportunities, people and places that catch our interest, beckoning us to move forward to discover more.

What is it you want to do this year? Is there something new to learn? Someone to leave behind? Someone you'd like to get to know better? A habit to stop doing every day, by replacing it with something that is more enjoyable? Or healthier? Or could possibly make you wealthier? When you're ready. Transformation can be slow and subtle changes, that don't seem terribly life changing day-to-day, but over time, the change becomes noticeable and a new way of being is established. It's magical, wonderful, it is renewal. Your choices can lead you in the direction you'd really like to go. Do you have something to produce that you'd like to share? We all affect each other by sharing our unique gifts, and our presence. We can help to transform each other by our interactions, even if we don't consciously intend that outcome.

Welcome March. We are ready for a season of positive change that you usher in for us. There's no time like the Present. It's now or never, lets get started.

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