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Pursuing New CREATIVE INTERESTS in the New Year

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

A Simple Guide to choosing a creative outlet

Who doesn't resolve to do better with a fresh start,

a second chance, a do-over?

Well, we get that every new year don't we?

Actually, we get that every day!

But where to start? We want more time to ourselves, to develop a new skill, express ourselves creatively, eliminate boredom, and so on ... it can be hard to decide just where to begin.

Start Somewhere

Take a few moments to consider new things you'd like to pursue, learn, achieve or create. You know yourself best, your preferences and what you don't enjoy too. It may help to consider your interests more in-depth on a weekend morning when you have more idle time, and the day is a fresh start.

Choose a New Creative Endeavor

Yes. You. Can be creative. Everyone was a beginner at some point. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Self expression is limitless, and a path to freedom. Newfound purpose will emerge as you practice and improve; boredom and loneliness will be forgotten. Check out the ideas below for inspiration on finding a creative pursuit.


Have you ever played an instrument? Or want to learn how? There's still time!

  • Learn to play on your own or in a group setting. There are lots of free tutorials to be found online via YouTube, online Apps, etc ... Get started by typing "Learn to play ..." and different instruments will pop up. Pick one to start, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Bass. Watch the video for a bit to see if it seems appealing. Real people are giving their expertise to help you learn a new skill.

  • Also, you can sign up for lessons in your community by a private instructor, a music store, or local YMCA.

  • Get an instrument to practice on. You can buy a new one or get an inexpensive one by going to a pawn-style reseller, thrift store, or Craigslist, to name a few.

  • If you join in group lessons you'll be more motivated to stick with it. And, you'll get out and meet new people who are at your same level!


Do you like to doodle, draw or design? Good! You can do it! Yourself.

  • You can start simply with markers or pencils(and an eraser & sharpener!)

  • Get a sketch pad to get started and keep your creations together.

  • Anything goes, you don't need to have a finished image in mind. Freestyle doodling will help your creativity emerge! You may discover an optical illusion hidden in there!

  • Experiment with different line widths and shapes; dots, spirals, geometrics, swirls.

  • You could start by marking a line around the perimeter of the page, and try to merge areas of shapes and lines together to create a cohesive piece until the space is filled with your creation!

  • Notice how lighter and darker areas are perceived from the results.

  • Once you're ready to move on to identifiable objects & things, there are a few things you can do to get started. Create a Line Drawing. Basic Art Technique books(available for a couple bucks at a thrift shop) have lots of tips and info about drawing, they make a good reference.

  • Go to Google, type in the name of an object, then go to the Images page, and you'll see lots of examples of that object. Break it down into basic shapes that come together. For example, a cat's head is basically round with triangular ears on top, body is rectangular, plus a tail. Roughly sketch a line drawing of these shapes, fit them together, and then go back and use the eraser to fine tune some of the edges, use the pencil to re-shape, and see how it progresses.

  • Don't expect miracles at the start! Practice if you get bored. Or snowed in!


Do you like to cook, or at least eat well?

  • Cooking is creative, and we all need to eat anyway. Duh.

  • Decide on a meal portion to learn: main course, side dish, salad, casserole.

  • Cookbooks have so many good recipes, as does Pinterest.

Pick one you'd like to try and go for it! After you make it 2-3 times, you won't need to read the recipe anymore, you'll have learned it and can tweak the ingredients to suit your taste a bit. Libraries have lots of cookbooks too.

  • Re-create a restaurant meal you like, at home. If you're traveling and try some local cuisine that you don't get back home, try to remember what the basic ingredients are on the menu, then try to make it yourself. Some of my favorite meals have come to me via this practice.

  • Plan a garden and grow your own herbs and veggies. Fresh is best!

Hopefully, by implementing one or more of these ideas, you'll have a new year that is inspiring, enjoyable, relaxing, and empowering

with your newfound talents!

Until our next exchange of Inspiration ... try something new,

You Can Do It!

Best Regards, Janet

"Don't fear the unknown, all good things come from it."

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