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The thing about Breakthroughs …

Making choices that can change your life

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We all change, and we all resist it to some degree. The process of change often contains a blending of the excitement of something new along with a subtle fear of the unknown. The problem is, we can anticipate or predict something that we want to happen, then create a plan to make it happen, but cannot always control the outcome. Unforeseen things can crop up that throw a wrench into our well thought out plans. Or we can back out of the deal we made with ourself and do nothing. And when we least expect it, a crisis can suddenly rear its ugly head and throw us into a situation we may not want to deal with, and find it hard to cope.

We can grow into our personal power, and make a breakthrough, when we decide to explore new interests, learn something new, find new ways to express ourselves, or serve others. This can be how we change our lives. Mindset first, decide to do it. This is key. Then create a plan of action. It’s necessary to be forward focused in order to move toward what we want. And we may need to leave behind some baggage in order to lighten our load as we move on. There’s no turning back, and things that may have served us for a time can now be too heavy a burden to take along on our journey of discovery.


Whether its well-being, a new job, a place to live, a change in relationship status, a desire to travel, a creative project, or more free time, what we want can be very personal. Doing a self-assessment can uncover some of our patterns and habits to help discover where we’d like to make a change.

Taking some time for yourself, you’ll be able to assess your skills and strengths, needs and wants. I’ve found it very revealing to take a few minutes every now and then to contemplate some of the over-arching themes that are in my life on a regular basis. Consider the big picture from an outsiders point if view. How would you summarize yourself at this stage of your life? We’ve all been through some very challenging times over the past two years. What do you spend a lot of time and money on? The answers can be key indicators of your priorities or places you’d like to make some major changes in the next year or two.


Spending time in Nature can bring a sense of calm, where there is time to contemplate change. A walk in the woods or at the shore can help you get in touch with your soul, tune into yourself, and unlock insights into what you truly desire without feeling rushed. You can come up with a new direction that you think would be worth exploring. The start of a new season can be a good reason to get started on something new; you may sense a bit of urgency to get going as the outer world is also starting something new for a season. It’s a natural time of transition.

Maybe you need more reasons to celebrate your life? Even small things can bring more joy. Or maybe a bit too much celebrating is draining your wallet or leaving you feeling empty afterward, or just plain tired. If you don’t feel well, change would be a good thing, and is totally doable. Feeling good is its own reward. It may be time to choose a new path.

Making a change in your mindset can lead toward growth and breakthroughs that will be life-changing. You need them, you want them, and change is happening all around. You may need to ask for what you want - but taking the initiative can be as simple as a phone call, and is the fastest way to get what you want. Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new. Change is progress and the essence of our lives.

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